Hardware Compatibility List

Certification Kits

Certification Kit TypeName
GPU GPU Certification Kit
This is a test kit for certifying GPU hardware in both GPU passthrough and Virtual GPU configurations.
Server Server Certification Kit
This is an automated test kit for certifying servers, network adapters and local storage controllers.
Shared Storage Shared Storage Certification Kit
This is an automated test kit for certifying Storage Arrays and HBAs/CNAs that support fabric protocols (such as iSCSI/FCoE/NFS).


For hardware not specifically listed on the HCL, XenServer provides a selection of self-certification test kits which includes the necessary tools and instructions for validating hardware against XenServer. These kits can be used by hardware vendors to certify their own hardware in order to be listed on this HCL. It may also be possible to submit hardware certifications on behalf of a vendor, however agreement from the vendor will need to be acquired before embarking on the certification process.

If you are unsure, then please get in touch with the HCL team first. Completed self-certification test results can be submitted by signing up at the XenServer Tracker website and creating an issue in the project "XenServer Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)" with issue type set to "HCL Submission". Once the submission has been reviewed and accepted by the XenServer HCL team, the hardware can be added to the HCL and will be eligible for full support. If you have any XenServer HCL-related questions or comments, please use create an issue in the same project using the Issue Type "Enquiry".