Hardware Compatibility List

This page lists the CPU families that are supported with each release of XenServer.

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Vendor CPU Family Codename 8 8.2 LTSR CU1
Intel Xeon E-24xx Raptor Lake
Intel Xeon 85xx/65xx/55xx/45xx/35xx Emerald Rapids
Intel Xeon 84xx/64xx/54xx/44xx/34xx Sapphire Rapids ✓¹
Intel Xeon E-23xxG/23xx Rocket Lake
Intel Xeon 83xx/63xx/53xx/43xx Ice Lake SP
Intel Xeon 83xxH(L)/63xxH(L)/53xxH Cooper Lake SP
Intel Xeon E-22xxG/22xx Coffee Lake W
Intel Xeon W-21xx Skylake W
Intel Xeon 82xx/62xx/52xx/42xx/32xx Cascade Lake SP
Intel Xeon E-21xxG/21xx Coffee Lake S
Intel Xeon 81xx/61xx/51xx/41xx/31xx Skylake SP

1 Note: For Intel® Xeon® 84xx/64xx/54xx/44xx/34xx (Sapphire Rapids) systems with 4 or more sockets, you must install Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 CU1 using an installation ISO released after Jun 1, 2023.